This collection is inspired from my childhood memories. One thing that always made me happy and excited was when I used to see and relish my CANDY FLOSS!! Keeping in mind the soft texture and the beautiful color I have come up with a pret-line to make summers even more breezy and comfortable. The amalgamation of candy colors & light easy fabrics like cotton, cotton satin, pure silk & pure crepe have given the collection a humor of comfort & ease along the uniqueness of style-lines & the mosaic of color block technique. The COLOR BLOCK patterns and the illusion prints gives a different edge to the outfits and make them stand out from the lot.The colors used in this collection are also inspired from the various types of candy floss. Hence you get to see a beautiful array of hues like peach, coral, aqua, Iceblue, candylemon, rustorange, pink, sunnyyellow & sunsetorange.